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SM Supermalls

SM Supermalls
SM Supermalls


Shopping Center Management Corp

SM Supermalls is a well-known chain of shopping malls, with 82 locations in the Philippines and seven in China. The brand offers a wide range of local and international brands, from high-end luxury products to budget-friendly options, as well as features such as cinemas, amusement parks, and food courts that set it apart from its competitors.

As a favored destination for families and friends seeking a fun day out, SM Supermalls is a key player in the Philippine shopping mall industry. The brand provides customers with a world-class shopping experience while also supporting local and international businesses. With ongoing expansion efforts, SM Supermalls is set to establish an even stronger presence in the retail industry both in the Philippines and beyond.

Career in SM Supermalls

My SM Story

I was fortunate to receive an invitation from my previous boss to replicate our previous success in transforming SM Supermalls’ HR and employee experiences. Working with my partner, our main goal is to solidify our internal branding and communication efforts. We plan to do this by developing corporate videos, enhancing LinkedIn traffic, organizing events, and exploring new ways to communicate with our people.

Under the guidance of my boss and mentor, I have grown both personally and professionally. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues who constantly push the boundaries. It is an honor to work with owners Hans Sy and President Steven Tan, who have provided me with challenging yet fulfilling projects, including the production of promotional videos involving animating, filming the President’s speeches, and much more.

I am thrilled to have made significant contributions to the growth and success of SM Supermalls. Working with such a fantastic team was an incredible experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had. I will always treasure the memories and lessons I gained during my time with the company.

SM Supermalls award

The photo above features me receiving the Exceptional Award for my significant contributions to having best-in-class creative materials for HR initiatives that won international awards in 2020.

SM Supermalls Anvil Awards
Mizel with Hans Sy
SM Supermalls
SM Supermalls
Innovators Summit poster 3


Some of my personal faves

As a graphic designer, I have worked on various projects for SM, including creating posters and logos. Two of my favorite projects are the posters I designed for the SM Young Business Innovators Summit and Hans Sy Jr. Lessons. Although most of these projects had tight deadlines, I always strive to deliver the best quality output for my clients.

Designing logos is one of my passions. I find it exciting to create a visual representation that captures the essence of a brand. While I enjoy brainstorming innovative and unconventional ideas, I always ensure that my designs align with my client’s vision and preferences.


Promotional Materials

As a videographer, I have had the pleasure of creating various videos alongside my partner. Our creative process always starts with brainstorming ideas on how to bring the project to life, followed by storyboarding. Given our limited resources, we have learned to be resourceful and innovative to ensure that we deliver high-quality work.

During filming, I primarily take on the role of cameraman, working tirelessly to capture every moment of the project, while my partner handles the copywriting and storyboard design. It can be a physically demanding job, but we are passionate about getting the best possible shots.

One of the video projects I enjoyed creating for SM is the SM Prime Kids video, which showcased the work environment where the children of SM employees get to experience their parents’ workplace. It was a project that allowed us to highlight the unique culture of SM and showcase the company’s commitment to its employees and their families.

I believe that animating a logo can enhance a brand by adding depth and meaning. An animated logo has the potential to be more memorable and engaging than a static one since it can communicate a message and evoke emotions. Through animating the logo, I was able to create a more dynamic and impactful visual representation of the brand, which ultimately contributed to increased brand recognition and recall.

The trend of animated logos is on the rise, and it has been proven that it can help a brand to stand out in a competitive market and lead to increased engagement on social media platforms. As such, animating logos has become an essential tool for designers, and I am always eager to explore new techniques and ideas to create innovative and effective animated logos.


Collaborate and Communicate

Effective communication and collaboration are key to any successful corporate team. Working with SM Supermalls’ teams, we found that these factors were crucial to achieving our goals. By openly discussing ideas and concerns, we worked together to overcome challenges. Collaborating allowed us to combine our skills and expertise, making it easier to achieve our objectives. These skills not only helped us achieve our goals but also contributed to a positive work culture and fostered a sense of community among team members.

SM Supermalls

Graphic Designs

Posters, banners, and more

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