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Today, I’m thrilled to introduce a personal project close to my heart: my dad’s online portfolio/website. My dad, a talented painter and storyteller, showcases most of his artworks on his Facebook page, “Tito Rolly,” and shares his captivating stories and poems on his Blogspot. As part of my portfolio, I’ve conceptualized this website design. Should the opportunity arise to create his own dedicated website, I am considering WordPress, leveraging available templates closely resembling this concept.


Designing the website

When designing the website, my primary goal is to create a platform that effortlessly showcases my dad’s artwork, enticing potential buyers and commissioning opportunities. Since retiring, he’s dedicated himself to painting vibrant colors across various subjects. His signature style, “Transparent Cubism,” merges artistic elements seamlessly, resulting in captivating works.

The website’s layout will prioritize simplicity, featuring prominently his featured pieces and latest creations. Additionally, visitors will have the freedom to navigate based on their preferences, allowing them to explore specific types of art according to their interests.

Contact me if you would like to see the high resolution of the web design.

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If you enjoy my dad’s artworks, please visit, follow, and like his Facebook page. Feel free to message him if you’re interested in commissioning his art or just want to say, “Hi!”

Facebook: Tito Rolly
Blogspot: Tito Rolly