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Redesigning Kings of Chaos

The world of web design is ever-changing, but some projects stand out more than others. One such project that I had the privilege of working on is the redesign of Kings of Chaos, a classic game with a dedicated following. After decades without a significant update, the game’s web design was in dire need of a refresh. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the journey from the old design to the new.

I‘ve always wanted to update the images while preserving the nostalgic design of Kings of Chaos. Thanks to DLSMIZEL, this vision has been realized. His understanding of the need to maintain the classic KoC aesthetic, combined with his design expertise, has made everything look much crisper and more vibrant. Many thanks to him for his invaluable assistance!


Owner/KoC Admin, Kings of Chaos


The History of Kings of Chaos

Kings of Chaos, a text-based strategy game, has been a staple for many online gamers since its inception. Its charm lies in its simplicity and the nostalgic feel of early 2000s web design. However, as the internet evolved, so did user expectations, making a redesign necessary to keep the game relevant.

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KoC Redesign

Taking On the Challenge

Redesigning a beloved classic is no small feat. The main challenge was to modernize the user interface while preserving the essence that long-time players loved. Our goal was to enhance usability, accessibility, and aesthetics without losing the game’s original spirit.

Research and Planning

We began by creating a dedicated channel on Discord where players could freely share their ideas and feedback about the game. This open line of communication allowed us to gather a wide range of insights directly from the community. We carefully handpicked some of the most promising suggestions and incorporated them into our research to enhance the game. By actively involving players in the redesign process, we ensured that the new design would resonate with both long-time fans and new users.

Design Principles
  • User-Centered Design: Players are at the heart of Kings of Chaos. We focused on creating an intuitive interface that new players could easily navigate while ensuring long-time users felt at home.
  • Aesthetic Consistency: We aimed for a design that felt fresh but familiar. This involved updating the color scheme, typography, and layout while retaining iconic elements of the original design.
  • Responsive Design: With the rise of mobile gaming, it was essential to ensure the new design worked seamlessly across various devices.
Development and Implementation

The development phase involved close collaboration between the designer (me) and developers. We built prototypes and conducted multiple rounds of testing (in the beta site) to refine the design. Player feedback during this phase was invaluable, allowing us to make iterative improvements.

Launch and Reception

The redesigned Kings of Chaos was launched with much anticipation. The feedback from the community was overwhelmingly positive, with players appreciating the modern look and improved functionality. The game not only retained its existing player base but also attracted new users.

A New Beginning

KoC Era 18

Every three months, Kings of Chaos enters a new era, allowing the game to restart and all players to begin anew. This cycle of renewal keeps the gameplay dynamic and engaging. I am immensely proud to have contributed to the significant changes introduced in Era 18, marking a pivotal moment in the game’s evolution.

KoC Redesign Highlights
  • Remastered KoC Logo: A fresh take on the iconic logo, blending modern design with classic elements.
  • Race Shields: Introduced new, visually striking race shields that enhance the game’s strategic depth.
  • Animated KoC Logo: Added dynamic animations to the logo for a more immersive user experience.
  • New Theme Shields: Developed theme-specific shields to distinguish various gameplay elements.
  • Top Navigation Links/Shields: Improved navigation with clear, thematic shields for easy access.
  • Side Menu Era Image/Navigation Buttons: Updated side menu with era-specific images and intuitive navigation buttons.
  • Revamped Header Design: Replaced the old brick design with a striking skull and chains motif at the top of the page.
  • Enhanced Navigation Buttons: Introduced new, user-friendly navigation buttons across all pages.
  • War List Page Buttons: Streamlined the War List page with functional and aesthetically pleasing buttons.
  • Donor and Buddy Icons: Designed new donor shields, buddy icons, and maxed icons to recognize and reward players’ contributions.
  • Final Rankings Shields: Created distinctive shields for the News Page to highlight final rankings.
  • Join Race Buttons: Added visually appealing buttons for joining races, enhancing the user interface.
New Style Preferences
  • New Layouts you can change via Style preferences at the bottom of your Command Center.
  • New Themes you can change via Style preferences at the bottom of your Command Center.
New Mechanics
  • Poison has been added, new personnel, new tools, new upgrades.
  • Theft has been added, new personnel, new tools, new upgrades.
  • Poison, Antidote, Theft, and Vigilance are 4 new additional ratings. They will also affect your final rank.
  • New personnel now give the same turn based gold as Spies and Sentries.
  • New Rewards for Poison, Antidote, Theft, Vigilance have been added to the Rewards page.


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