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Excerpts of the learnings acquired from the DICT Tech Talk

Fostering Responsible Gaming Culture

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The Three Pillars

The Importance of Responsible Gaming

Thus, the further development of the gaming industry requires the elimination of threats and the provision of a secure and proportional presence in cyberspace. Here are some key takeaways from the event:

Know The Risks

Play With a Trusted Community
Gaming in a familiar community not only improves the advancement in the game but also reduces cases of cyber bullying and instilling good culture in games. Firstly, establishing a positive community of gamers is basic in an endeavor to provide good environment for the clients who play games.


The DICT Tech Talk, therefore, featured many professionals in the relevant fields in discussing responsible gaming and online practices. After that, the host invited all of the panelists to the stage to answer questions. The lineup included:

Mizel De Los Santos, Business Development Manager and Design Head at Lanex Corporation

Jeff Victoriano, Assistant General Manager, Sibol National Esports Team, Operations Manager, AP Bren

Lyka & Syfu, Content Creators and Streamers at Oasis Gaming

Chelsea Manalo, Miss Universe Philippines 2024

We discussed topics such as knowing the risks, setting limits, and playing with a trusted community. Here are some highlights from the Q&A session:

Q1: What are red flags for any online user that can lead to cyber crimes?

My Answer: What scammers will always do is to try and find a weakness in every process that is in place. Besides such notorious kinds of attack as phishing sites, SMS, and calls, scammers can use individuals who are very close to you. For instance, when my mother received a message from her friend informing about a rather ridiculous news from the President of the Philippines who promised to give 5k pesos. All she requested for was the mobile number of my mother. After this, this “friend” proceeded to ask for a 4-digit code, that was sent to my mom via SMS. Unfortunately, my mom’s login option is using her mobile number, and the scammer got the OTP and took over my mom’s Facebook account. What this scammer does is copy the same message and forward it to all the friends my mom has on her Facebook. Furthermore, the hacker will quickly search for my mom’s friends with whom she spends most of her time (contacts with whom she was last active) to demand money. Regrettably, a friend of my mom’s sent money to this scammer.

Q2: How do you balance your passion as a gamer with your responsibilities as a parent/professional?

My Answer: To me, games were the only essential thing I needed throughout my day and even night, and so when my parents were asleep, I would sneak and switch on my computer. Looking at the present life’s commitments, I have modified my gaming schedules and smoothed them with family and working time responsibilities as a father. I only play games at night or when my wife and son are asleep, or if I have finished my jobs and other house chores. Mine comes in parts, daily it can be 1 to 2 hours in total, again being a parent and a professional, gaming comes second. In this way, one can indulge in the respective hobby without affecting his or her obligations.

Q3: How can you call out your friends who have the tendency to bully others?

My Answer: A good friend is one who can tell the truth and one who can give ones faults right to ones face. It helps to steer them in the right direction because you are a friend of theirs and you don’t want them to continue being a bully to other students. Briefly confront the transgressor and politely let them know that what they are doing to others is wrong. It is all about people being responsible to each other and even helping each other develop. In return, the same should ideally be done to you in case you are found to be crossing a line with your friends. Sometimes individuals act without a desire to hurt other people, and this is something that can be managed through promotion of good communication and feedback.

Q4: How would you choose a positive community to play with?

My Answer: Thus, the process of selecting positive community begins with the identification of the organizers and their values. For instance, in the United States there is a community named FSL (Family StarCraft League) due to which parents play it with their children. It is safe and everyone cares for each other and there is enjoyment in the fact that everyone cares for each other’s children, probably because of the games. When choosing the community, it is advised to join the one with the clearly stated rules and regulations along with the tolerance and appreciation towards other members. Most of the players at this level should be mature-minded, as well as patient to guarantee the safety of both new and experienced kids.

Reflecting on the Event

Unpacking the Experience

I truly enjoyed participating in the DICT Tech Talk. It was a pleasure to be alongside other experts and give as well as receive knowledge and information from each other. The event highlighted the necessity of a multi-sectoral effort in addressing responsible gambling and internet usage.

In the forum entitled “Bayang Digital ang Bagong Pilipinas” at the Manila Central University, Miss Universe Philippines 2024, Chelsea Manalo made it a point to stress on how people should act responsibly on social media. This significant and useful occasion was made through The BingoPlus Foundation which is the branch of Digiplus Interactive Corporation for social responsibilities. It is envisaged that through the organization’s fun and value-added community programs and services it can multiply the good of creating a digitally empowered and socially strong Philippines.



Final Thoughts

Responsible gaming, that is, playing in a way that does not negatively affect oneself, others, or society, involves a process of cooperation involving individuals, communities, and even organizations. In conclusion, we need to realize the dangers of gaming and put limits and standards for its usage to create a safe environment in order to keep gaming as a positive and life-enhancing pastime for young people.

Thanks for reading this post, and do not hesitate to tune in for further editions on responsible gaming practices and other applied media projects. Our commitment is to making the changes needed so that everyone can have a safer and more enjoyable experience on line.