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Lanex Corporation 30th Anniversary


About Our Company

LANEX Corporation is a software development company that leverages over 30 years of expertise to provide intelligent software solutions at any scale. Our offices in Japan, the Philippines, the US, and Australia house a team of talented engineers and designers who can deliver a wide range of projects, from web and mobile applications to artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency.

You can choose to have our experienced project managers drive your solution, or you can manage your own team of developers with our support.

Esports and CSR

The Company’s Support

Lanex Corporation is proud to support two dynamic organizations, PSISTORM Gaming, and JCI Manila, in their respective fields.

PSISTORM Gaming is an esports organization that competes in various video game tournaments, including StarCraft II and other popular games. They also host tournaments like the PSISTORMCUP at Cheeseadelphia, which brings together the SC2 community for exciting competition and camaraderie.

JCI Manila is an organization that seeks to develop young leaders through community development, business, government, environment, and other projects. LANEX has provided support to JCI Manila’s Pedal Kabuhayan project, which aims to “Rebuild the Future” by promoting road safety and providing bike safety gear to frontliners in Metro Manila. As part of this pilot project, LANEX helped in donating 50 bike safety gears that helped equip frontliners with the proper knowledge of traffic rules and road safety protocols. By improving road safety for frontliners who rely on bicycles for transportation, Pedal Kabuhayan is helping to create a safer and more sustainable future for everyone.

As the Head of Design & Media at PSISTORM and the former Project Chairman of JCI Manila – Project Pedal Kabuhayan, I’m excited about the support that LANEX provides to both organizations. I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of this partnership on PSISTORM Gaming and JCI Manila, enabling them to achieve their missions more efficiently. I look forward to seeing the continued growth of these collaborations.


The photo above features regular employees, including myself, participating in the Corporate Esports Association. Our team competed against employees from renowned companies such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Shopify, and Meta.

JCI Maninla Pedal Kabuhayan 2022
JCI Manila Pedal Kabuhayan 2022
JCI Maninla Pedal Kabuhayan 2022
lanex bd team
Lanex UNDP DoE

Career at Lanex Corporation

My Lanex Story

In 2021, during the COVID-19 lockdown in the Philippines, I had to report to the office while my pregnant wife stayed at home. Determined to find a work-from-home job to support my family, I continued to play and organize StarCraft II tournaments for the Philippine scene. As fate would have it, I met someone in the game who became the bridge to my dream job. I eventually resigned from my previous job and became a Project Manager and UI/UX Designer for Lanex Corporation.

A year later, I joined the Business Development team, where my design experience also proved valuable in marketing. I am grateful for my supportive leaders, my great team, the autonomy to work on my own terms, and the flexibility of working from anywhere.

Lanex 2022 Party

Graphic Designs & Videos

Promotional Materials

I have collaborated closely with stakeholders to create promotional videos for Lanex, ensuring that the final product aligns with their objectives. For the majority of the videos, I customized a video template in After Effects and Premiere to suit the Lanex branding and storyboard. However, the LANEXUS-PSISTORM Gaming video, which was produced in October 2022, was created entirely from scratch. In addition, I incorporated graphic elements using Illustrator.

I have created several PSISTORM Gaming videos that the company is now supporting. In addition, I customized and created a new PSISTORM Gaming logo stinger by incorporating various effects, animations, and sound effects to make it more dynamic and engaging.


Maximizing Opportunities

I am eager to maximize my connections and energy to bring the best possible results to the table. My work at Lanex provides me with a wealth of opportunities to network and be creative, ensuring that I’m always at the forefront of industry trends and developments.

If you’re looking for assistance with web, mobile, or customized software projects, we can help. Our team at Lanex is well-equipped to deliver high-quality solutions that meet your specific needs. Don’t hesitate to direct your inquiries to me; I’m happy to free up my schedule to chat with you and discuss how we can collaborate to achieve your goals.

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Graphic Designs

Posters, banners, and more

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