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About KIT

Kirirom Institute of Technology (KIT) is a private higher education institution in Kirirom National Park, Cambodia. Founded in 2014 by Mr. Takeshi Izuka, KIT is part of A2A Town Co, Ltd. which aims to develop Southeast Asia’s answer to Silicon Valley. KIT provides cutting-edge technology education to create students who can innovate and change the world. It also offers opportunities to hardworking and talented students who might not otherwise have access to such education.

Part-Time Lecturer

My Role in KIT

In 2021, I received an invitation from Irene, a former colleague, to teach online classes at KIT. As much as I wanted to accept the offer, my workload and my wife’s pregnancy made it impossible for me to commit at that time.

In September 2022, I was thrilled to receive another invitation from KIT to teach design to first-year IT students. I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up, so I sent my resume and created a demo that I presented to KIT’s management. Luckily, they were impressed with my work, and I got the green light to teach for Batch 10. As a part-time lecturer, I taught my class every Saturday morning, focusing on topics such as the fundamentals of design, color theory, typography, logo design, and design thinking.

My main objective for teaching was to show the students how design plays a vital role in our daily lives. To do this, I incorporated art appreciation into my lectures by showcasing popular paintings. The students were enthusiastic and eager to share their interpretations of the art, and I enjoyed incorporating technical details about the art pieces to enhance their understanding. I also included web and mobile app designs to show them how design principles apply to various platforms. We covered topics such as the fundamentals of design, color theory, typography, logo design, and design thinking.

After several weeks of teaching, I’m proud to say that I’m impressed with the progress and output of my students. They’ve shown a great interest in the subject and have demonstrated a solid understanding of the concepts we’ve covered.

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Face-to-face meeting

Flying to Cambodia

When connecting with young students, face-to-face meetings are always the best approach. Being in the same environment as the kids gave me a better understanding of how they react to what I say. It also allowed them to get to know me more as their lecturer and friend outside of class.

A week-long activity with the students was suggested and agreed upon with my colleague. The workshop I was tasked with had to be accessible to all courses, so I proposed three topics: Basic Photography and Editing, Basic Videography and Editing, and Career Talk. After receiving approval, I flew to Cambodia to conduct the workshop.

During my time in Cambodia, I had the opportunity to meet my students in person and was also introduced to the talented and professional Digi Green Kyoudai (DGK) team. This group of students is responsible for photo and video coverage, posters, and more for KIT. Working with them was enjoyable and rewarding.




Rooting For These Kids In KIT

Being a part of the KIT community in Cambodia was truly an incredible opportunity. Located in the mountains, this safe and peaceful haven provided the perfect environment for students to come together and collaborate on their studies. And let me tell you, these students are amazing! From the moment I met them, I was struck by their knowledge, passion, and creativity.

As I shared my love for design with these bright minds, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and inspiration. I hope that my enthusiasm for design rubbed off on them and that they too will come to appreciate the beauty of this creative field.

The KIT community is a unique and growing community, and I feel honored to have been a part of it. I look forward to seeing how these incredible students will continue to grow and make an impact in the world.

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