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PSISTORM Gaming jersey design 2022


Head of Design & Media

In 2021, I became a member of PSISTORM Gaming, a premier esports team with a global reach and headquarters in the United States. I was responsible for tournament organization and also contributed to the creation of promotional materials, including logos and videos.

For a deeper understanding of PSISTORM Gaming, please visit our Liquipedia page.


Event Branding

Here are some of my favorite projects I did for PSISTORM Gaming. We have done several graphics and videos for StarCraft II tournaments in different formats.

The first logo is for the event called PSL King of the Hill a tournament featuring pros around the world fighting in a best-of-1 until a winner emerges which was to be dubbed as the King. It was a memorable event for me because I was able to meet some of the greatest SC2 players.

The second logo is that of PSISTORM Celebrity Showmatch, a best-of-7 match between SC2 celebrities. We were able to have some known SC2 streamers fight each other and it was fun!

The last of my favorite logos is the PSL World Games. It is a sub-event under PSL so I just added the “World Games” below. It was not yet launched but the idea is to have representatives per country.

PSL King of The Hill logo
PSISTORM Celebrity Showmatch
PSL World Games

Team Jersey

Wear it Proud

I feel honored to have designed the PSISTORM Jersey last 2022. We wear it and I feel proud to be part of Team PSISTORM Gaming.

Our StarCraft II pros wear it during tournaments and are seen donning it every event broadcast. It was the owner’s idea where to make an all-black jersey, where to put the sponsors’ logos, add the player’s flag on the sleeve, and a customized name at the back.

PSISTORM Jersey 2022


Promotional Materials

I used After Effects and Premiere for most of my video projects for PSISTORM Gaming. I made customized animations for the assets, logos, and more.

This experience also helped me to understand esports, specifically StarCraft II, and understand our players as well. I got to interview pro players from Korea and Taiwan and did my best to ask nice questions and understand what they really intend to say.

The logo animation I did for the team is also fun to do because I combined different visual and sound effects to achieve the final output.

The last video is for LANEXUS-PSISTORM, where I combined esports with the company’s corporate profile.

Support our Team

Work Hard, Play Hard

The team has always been supporting players, like me, who are passionate about what they do. I love playing StarCraft since I was a kid and up until now. It’s a game that requires a lot of skill and focus. But the best thing about esports games is the community. I get to meet a lot of people in the SC2 community and sometimes even get to make business with them.

The only PSISTORM event that I get to participate in is FSL. Though it started as “Family StarCraft League” in its inaugural season it expanded to “Friends StarCraft League”. It is a safe competitive tournament that features participants from as young as 6 years old to almost 50 years old. The live broadcast is every Wednesday and Friday at 8 or 9 Eastern Time on Twitch.

Welcome image Art of Mizel

Other Psistorm Works

Posters, banners, and more

PSISTORM Patreon Tiers
PSISTORM Celebrity Showmatch poster
PSISTORM Celebrity Showmatch poster
PSL Brood War Invitational
PSL poster
PSL poster
PSISTORM SC2 Twitter Banner