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Pedal Kabuhayan Project Launch

Pedal Kabuhayan

Padyak Expo 2022

JCI Manila, Asia’s first and premier leadership development organization in the Philippines, proudly launched the Pedal Kabuhayan Project. This innovative pilot project aims to “Rebuild The Future” by providing 50 bike safety gears to frontliners in Metro Manila and educating them on traffic rules and road safety protocols.

On April 30, 2022, JCI Manila – Pedal Kabuhayan, in collaboration with SM Cares, SM by the BAY, and sponsored by LANEX, conducted the Pedal Kabuhayan Padyak Expo 2022 at the Central Park of SM Mall Of Asia By The Bay Complex. The event, led by BJC Chairman Mizel Delos Santos, successfully turned over 50 bike gears to beneficiaries from Beseekleta for EveryJuan.

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Generous Sponsorships and Support

The project also partnered with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), where Mr. Antonio Pagulayan, Assistant Chief of the Traffic Education Division, provided online webinars on road safety to the beneficiaries.

The Pedal Kabuhayan Project garnered substantial support from various sponsors:

  • F2 Logistics Philippines Inc.: Provided bike safety gears and handled shipping logistics.
  • Avega Bros. Integrated Shipping Corp.
  • ROG.ph – Events
  • Unilab
  • iPower
  • Biker’s Cafe

These sponsors significantly boosted the project’s budget, allowing for additional manpower, an LED screen, food, and more during the event.

LANEX views the Pedal Kabuhayan Project as a valuable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative. By supporting this project, LANEX aims to contribute to the mission of rebuilding the future and promoting road safety and sustainability.

For more information about the project, visit the JCI Manila – Pedal Kabuhayan Facebook page.

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This event was arranged by my friend, Angela Camins Wieneke, Executive Director of BingoPlus Foundation Company. Angela and I used to work in SM Supermalls where, in my time there, I arranged (with Angela) a Mobile Legends competition for all employees. That is why this partnership was especially rewarding, as we both want to enhance players’ experiences.